Bakutel - Acer at Bakutel exhibition 2019!

Acer at Bakutel exhibition 2019!



Acer participated in 25th Bakutel with several important announcements: launch of Concept D brand and product line in Azerbaijan, launch of the Market access acceleration program for local startups and potential exporters. 
Concept D incorporates monitors, desktops and notebook  which were specifically developed for the those who need intense computing as well as creators of complex video and graphic context. Design of all Concept D products is based on key 4 pillars: professional grade display with guaranteed specifications ( delta E <1 for the standalone monitor or E<2 for the notebook ); professional video adapter; noise level less than <40 dB; perfection in exterior design. Target customer base of the new branded product ranges from photo editors and designers to CAD/CAM/AI engineers.
Market Access Acceleration Program ( MAAP ) will be launched by Acer in early 2020. The company will offer a set of services ( logistics from manufacturer to the shelf, after sales support, BTL marketing activations, sell out reporting ) to the  startups or mature companies in Azerbaijan, should they decide to enter retail space in Western Europe. Acer is one of the leading consumer brands in EMEA. Over the years the company accumulated profound intelligence on the markets and established strong partnership with the key players.
Acer hosts a booth at Bakutel, which is fully dedicated to the IT in education. Through the interactive presentation visitors can get in depth information on the company’s products, projects and initiatives in this field.  Concept D set and Predator gaming notebook, displayed at the booth, is just a confirmation of the company’s ability to support the modern trends in education.