Bakutel - The robotic model of the smart city control system

The robotic model of the smart city control system



Dmitry Smirnov, Regional Director for Central Asia and the Caucasus at Oracle

- Oracle is a leading manufacturer of databases for everything related to data processing and storage. But, in addition to this, we offer other developments, such as chatbot, blockchain, etc.

We have been present on the Azerbaijani market for a long time, and we always have something to show. In particular, at this year’s exhibition, we demonstrate a robotic model of a smart city control system that works on our cloud solution. The cloud is now the main direction that the entire world community is moving. Our solution allows both public-cloud and power-cloud for urban management, transport, tourism, etc. This system is already used in the world, has no restrictions, covers any volume and is a flexible solution for use.

Bakutel celebrates its 25th anniversary. This is a fairly substantial period. The exhibition has achieved wide acclaim and impressive results. I note the good organisation and the warm general atmosphere prevailing in the pavilions of the Expo Centre. Here we see representatives of leading global and local companies. But most importantly, I am pleased to see the visitors are interested. ICT is an attractive direction and the future lies with it. Therefore, it is interesting to look into it both for specialists and ordinary citizens.