Bakutel - Advantages of SCAT DPI software

Advantages of SCAT DPI software



Ivan Sapunov, Partner Relations Manager, VAS Experts

- VAS Experts produces SCAT DPI software for traffic analysis and control, inspection and classification of packages, followed by data processing. In addition to DPI functions, a number of additional features are integrated into the product - filtering traffic by the registry of prohibited sites, detection by the signatures of Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, VK and other popular applications. For greater flexibility, you can use your own white and black lists.

Our product is focused on telecom operators, with whom we are trying to establish contacts at the exhibition. SCAT DPI system is good for those who want to improve communication services, improve traffic. Our solutions are not only alternative to CISCO and Ericsson, but also competitive with them both in quality and price. Based on our software product, the telecom operator can actually create the core of the network in full. In the near future we will be able to work with BGP and in order to become a telecom operator it will be enough to connect billing to our network.

My goal at the exhibition is to present our product directly to telecom operators, to give them an understanding that their services can be significantly improved with us. When understanding is established, then you can move on!