Bakutel - TV Broadcast Monitoring

TV Broadcast Monitoring



Nikolay Milovanov, Director of Elecard

Elecard is a leading software developer for encoding, decoding, processing, transmitting and receiving video and audio files of various formats. Our customers are telecom operators, television channels, video surveillance systems (CCTVs) and video surveillance coding.

Earlier we had business visits to Baku, but this is our first-time participation in Bakutel. Today we are presenting an interesting product; it is associated with monitoring television broadcasting. It is easy to equip, easy to use and it will provide unmistakable service. The main task is for the client to earn on our solutions. Here we are the official representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, which helped organise our stand.

Participation in Bakutel 2019 is convenient in terms of meetings with partners to discuss further cooperation. The exhibition helps to acquire new connections, with the help of which we want to further expand our presence in Azerbaijan. During these days, we were contacted by customers and integrators who were interested in the company's decisions.

Exhibitions are needed for networking. They help implement ideas, and invest in projects. For people to actively collaborate, they need mutual confidence. I wish Bakutel to develop for many years and celebrate its 75th anniversary!