Bakutel - Modern walkie-talkies for everyone!

Modern walkie-talkies for everyone!



Fuad Maksudov, Technical Director of MAS

MAS is the official representative of Hytera, a Chinese manufacturer of wireless communication equipment (walkie-talkies), in Azerbaijan.

We offer to get acquainted with the full range of our products from the minimum configuration (local walkie-talkies operating within a radius of 1 km.) to volume configurations that allow covering the entire territory of Azerbaijan. The products are certified and manufactured in accordance with the best international standards, have a guarantee and are provided with technical service. At our stand, a PNC 380 walkie-talkie model is exhibited, which can be used in parallel as a mobile phone, as well as using a special program to track the user's location.

Another innovation is a self-generating network terminal providing an LTE signal within 40 km. in places of complete lack of communication. The terminal has three screens, with the help of which the location on the map is tracked, a video signal is received from the field and full control of events is carried out.

The specificity of our products is that they can be used not only by state and private entities, but also by ordinary entrepreneurs. For example, local walkie-talkies can be used by restaurants or security services of small enterprises. We assist in obtaining all necessary permits from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This is our first participation in the exhibition, and it is very successful for us. I hope that through the exhibition we will significantly expand the recognition of the Hytera brand in our country.