Bakutel - Our new products at Bakutel

Our new products at Bakutel



Eren Fosforoglu, Business Development Specialist, ETK Kablo

- ETK Kablo is a division of ETK Group, which is engaged in cable production, telecommunications, sewage, hydraulics, gas infrastructure, highway construction and real estate. ETK Kablo was founded in 1979 in Istanbul as a manufacturer of telephone cables. Today, our factory produces telecommunication, fiber-optic, DATA / LAN and CCTV cables, electricity control cables and fire cables.

At the Bakutel exhibition, in addition to the entire product line, we demonstrate new products, among which we highlight the new generation of fire-resistant fiber-optic and instrument cables. The company is in constant development, and we always have something to please consumers. We are present in 70 countries on five continents, and the quality of our products is highly regarded throughout the world.

We are pleased with the course of the exhibition. Our products are of interest to visitors. Interesting meetings were held, which, we are sure, will give a positive result for the development of business in Azerbaijan in the future.