Bakutel - The important role of the Bakutel exhibition

The important role of the Bakutel exhibition



Fariz Mammadov, Sumgayit Technology Park LLC

I am always looking forward to Bakutel with great interest. This year, the main purpose of my visit is related to the desire to familiarize the participating companies with our products. At the same time, I conduct a search and analyse the new types of products and services that are necessary for us. On the first day of the exhibition, we managed to meet and talk with representatives of local and Turkish companies, exchange information. I hope to have a positive impact on our business relations in the future.

I liked the Robopark exposition in the lobby of the Baku Expo Center, where robots and playgrounds are presented. The role of the Bakutel exhibition is very high in terms of providing our society with any innovations in the field of communications and telecommunications. I consider it necessary to stage such an exhibition, since here we learn about modern technologies and have the opportunity to exchange experiences. I would like to wish Bakutel further development and expansion of the number of interesting participants.