Bakutel - I am analysing the local video surveillance market

I am analysing the local video surveillance market



Pavel Tuchkov, Airlie Video (Russia)

I came from Moscow. Our company is developing software for video broadcasts and video surveillance (CCTV). We were brought to the exhibition by interesting opportunities in terms of the development of the Azerbaijani market and adjacent territories, for which Azerbaijan is becoming a point of attraction.

This is the first visit to Bakutel. Impressions are positive. It was nice to meet our partners at the exhibition as participants. My expectations are related to the development of the local market for video surveillance and delivery of broadcast TV content. Of course, exhibitions are necessary to activate new sales and popularize projects in the local market. Depending on plans for this market, you must either participate in Bakutel or attend it at least as a guest. Without an exhibition, it is difficult to imagine a complete picture of the market.

I want to wish further development of the exhibition, even greater saturation and scale. In the future, I would like to see more young companies and areas for professional communication among industry employees, and even more integrators at this exhibition.