Bakutel - We had useful and interesting meeting

We had useful and interesting meeting



Samir Nabiev, Director of MUK

Our company is more than twenty years old. The main area of ​​activity is the distribution of computer equipment, peripheral and network equipment, software, solutions for building infrastructure and other related services. Our main office is located in Ukraine, while we have representative offices in many CIS countries. We have a plan to open offices in Eastern Europe, as well.

The company has existed in Azerbaijan since 2015; we have been actively working on the development of new projects and have already taken their place in the market. We expanded relations with other companies, conducted many marketing events with partners and customers.

This is our second participation at Bakutel, and the goal is clear – we want to effectively present ourselves, our services and products to potential customers. And we also want to increase the base of our partners. The exhibition is very interesting and rich. We had interesting meetings with well-known partners, as well as representatives of new companies. The exhibition affects not only the development of a particular industry, but also the economy of the whole country. To keep abreast of news in the field of telecommunications and communications, we need to take an active part in such events. In the anniversary year, I wish Bakutel every success and prosperity and preservation of this beautiful tradition.