Bakutel - We have established contacts with Azerbaijani Internet providers

We have established contacts with Azerbaijani Internet providers



Sergey Polovnikov, representative of Natec

Our company specializes in digital transformation services for mobile operators. We have interesting experience and offer a new approach to the sale of telecom operator services. Customers pay only for the services they use, and the operator can flexibly change pricing, thereby becoming more competitive in the market. One of the know-how for us is the quick launch of marketing activities, so that the operator responds faster to competitive market disturbances, for example, implements a new tariff plan or provides for the organisation of other actions.

This is our first visit to Azerbaijan, and we were pleased to participate in the exhibition, where we were looking for new business acquaintances. Our expectations were met. Firstly, primary contacts were established with Baktelecom, Aztelecom. We look forward to further developing partnerships.

In my opinion, the role of exhibitions is decreasing, and then it is regaining its former glory. But, despite the wide development of all types of communications, personal contacts play an important role, thanks to which we conclude many transactions. I want to wish the organisers that the Bakutel exhibition continues its successful work for another 25 years!