Bakutel - We are showcasing Bakcell’s key accomplishments

We are showcasing Bakcell’s key accomplishments



Reinhard Zuba, Chief Commercial Officer, Bakcell

Among the main objectives of our company is to provide customers with high quality services and provide the best quality maintenance. This year we are showcasing the achievements of Bakcell. Once again, the world famous company “Ookla” called Bakcell the provider of the fastest mobile Internet in Azerbaijan. For the client of the mobile operator, the most important is the quality and speed of the network. And we proved it in practice!

I have more than twenty years of experience in the telecommunications sector, during this time I have visited many different exhibitions, but I came to Azerbaijan for the first time. I am very impressed with Bakutel 2019! This event is one of the best events in the world of telecommunications, one of the most advanced events in which I have so far participated.

The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to users the benefits of our network. For example, the My Baksel mobile application, the first virtual customer support office in Azerbaijan. And the loyalty programme “Ulduzum” provides subscribers with advantages both in the telecommunication sector and beyond.

The ICT industry in Azerbaijan is developing rapidly. I wish the further development of the entire industry, since ICTs benefit practically all spheres of society and the economy, and the exhibition clearly emphasizes these achievements. I am happy to congratulate everyone on the anniversary and wish prosperity to the organisers and participants!