Bakutel - AzerTelecom is presenting a programme to transform Azerbaijan into a Digital Center

AzerTelecom is presenting a programme to transform Azerbaijan into a Digital Center



Fuad Allahverdiyev, General Director of AzerTelecom

AzerTelecom, a main Internet service provider that connects Azerbaijan to the international internet network, will present Azerbaijan Digital Hub on its stand at this year's exhibition to turn Azerbaijan into a regional digital center.

Starting from 2018, in addition to the status of energy and transport hubs owned by Azerbaijan, our company is implementing the Digital Hub programme to make Azerbaijan a regional digital hub and implements large infrastructure projects both within and outside the country; among them are the main fiber-optic cable lines along with the Azerbaijan State Railways CJSC, and the subsea construction of trunk fiber-optic cable lines through the Caspian Sea between Azerbaijan and Central Asia. These projects will create a digital silk road between Europe and Asia by passing Azerbaijan on the historic Silk Road, and will play a key role in providing our country with access to the Internet, content and various digital services in the Caucasus, Central and South Asia, the Middle East and surrounding regions.

As part of Bakutel 2019 we have decided to share useful ideas and experiences with representatives of various local and foreign companies, expanding our existing relationships with our partners.

This year the exhibition celebrates its 25th anniversary. Bakutel is a very effective platform for tracking the trends in the ICT sector in our country and abroad, demonstrating innovation and establishing new partnerships. I believe that the exhibition will continue to be useful in the years to come and congratulate the organisers on the occasion of the 25th anniversary and convey my best wishes to them.