Bakutel - Bakutel 2019 - bigger, smarter, brighter!

Bakutel 2019 - bigger, smarter, brighter!



Bakutel 2019, the 25th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition will be held in Baku from the 3rd to the 6th of December. The exhibition will mark the beginning of High Technologies Week. This year Bakutel celebrates its 25th anniversary in a new dynamic brand.

For 25 years, the exhibition annually gathers on its site the leading players in the telecommunications market, being the main arena for demonstrating IT products and services. Bakutel is not only the largest IT exhibition in the Caspian region, but also a unique business networking platform where strong contacts are establishing.


  • 3000 companies
  • 50 countries
  • 160 thousand visitors
  • Created enterprises, important contacts and meetings

The annual participation in the exhibition of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev once again confirms the high status of the exhibition.

This year a number of invited high-ranking foreign guests will take part in the exhibition, among which are Mehmet Cahit Turhan – Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey, Kanstantin Shulhan – Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, Zhao Houlin - Secretary General of International Telecommunication Union and others.

The anniversary exhibition gathered together 238 exhibitors from 23 countries, including Azerbaijan, China, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine and others. With the support of the chambers of commerce and embassies of their countries, national groups of Belarus (6), Croatia (6), France (2), Iran (16), Israel (3), Italy (4), Russia, Slovenia, Turkey (3), USA (4) and other countries, including their leading IT companies, perform at the exhibition.

Leading ICT companies, mobile operators, Internet providers, system integrators, distributors of well-known brands and young developers represent the real solutions and technologies necessary for success. The exhibition is attended by such large global companies as Ericsson, Elcore, Nokia, CISCO, Huawei, Microsoft and such leading Azerbaijani companies as the general sponsor of the exhibition Azercell, as well as Bestcomp Group, Idrak Technology Transfer, Smart Systems Technology, etc. One of the sponsors of the exhibition is the Swiss company MITTO. A wide range of high-quality telecommunication services at the exhibition are presented by such leading satellite communications operators as Azercosmos and Russian Satellite Communication Company.

The exhibition presents business solutions, technologies for cyber security, nanotechnology, data centers, cloud technologies, IoT, satellite technologies, software, mobile and satellite communications, and much more. Debutants of this year make up 30% of the total number of exhibitors.


This year, the government sector at the exhibition is represented on a large scale. At a national stand organised by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan new developmental projects in the fields of communication, high technologies, mail projects, nanotechnologies, the infrastructure of "electronic signature" and cloud services of Data Center and some startup are presented.

Bakutel 2019 was joined by the DOST Agency of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan with its decisions.

Also participant of the exhibition is ASAN and its E-Gov structure - E-Government.

The involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises, private technology developers to solve problems in various fields, with the aim of promoting the development of their business in the framework of the exhibition, is carried out by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the second hall, companies representing IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are located on a separate stand.


Bakutel is the country's largest hub to showcase fresh ideas. The exhibition continues the tradition of providing opportunities for young developers to discuss their inventions and projects, along with industry leaders and government agencies. This year, about 50 startups from Azerbaijan take part in the exhibition and present their projects for various fields of activity.

The startups of the Innovation Agency and the finalists of start-up tours “From Idea to Business”, which include startups from both Baku and the country's regions, will also be presented. The exhibition also features Barama and AppLab Incubation Centers.


“Event” zone sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the part of the exhibition. Business program of Bakutel includes modern and dynamic platforms for communication, dialogue and for finding effective solutions: “Presentation Zone” and “Innovation Zone”.

On December 3, in the “Innovation Zone” in cooperation with the long-standing partner of the exhibition - Infocity Magazine, a number of Bakutel exhibitors will present innovations in the field of telecommunications and information technologies to professional guests of the exhibition.

On December 3 and 5, in the “Presentation Zone”, which has become another platform for demonstrating advanced services, local and foreign exhibitors will present their latest achievements in the field of entertainment, smart technologies, digital technologies, monitoring and data analysis, as well as digital solutions in the public sector.

On December 4, an exclusive (closed) event in a unique format of business dialogue will be held with the participation of a special guest of Bakutel - Editorial Director of Forbes magazine Nikolai Uskov and director of long-term exhibition partner - 1news News Agency Rakhman Hajiyev. Within the framework of a “live” discussion, business innovation and the formula for success in the modern world will be discussed.

On December 4, for the second within the framework of the Bakutel exhibition, the Caspian Innovation Conference on the subject “The Internet of Things: Cornerstone of Modern Society” will take over the gavel. The conference will be focused on IoT development models, as well as the legal and regulatory framework for the deployment and usage of IoT solutions in various sectors such as infrastructure, industry and agriculture.

The initiator of the Caspian Innovation Conference is the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event will cover such topics as “Broadband Communication,” “Artificial Intelligence,” “Internet of Things,” “ICT-Oriented Start-ups and Innovative Entrepreneurship,” “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” “High-Tech Production,” and "Cyber ​​training".

On December 5, B2B meetings that have already become traditional between the exhibitors and representatives of companies from vertical markets will be held, becoming another platform for establishing contacts, searching for new partners and innovative solutions.


As part of the exhibition, the 2nd International Discussion Platform - Bakutel TechTalks will be held on December 4-5. This unique platform allows to raise topical issues of the industry, discuss the latest industry trends, get acquainted with world trends. The following sessions will be held as part of Bakutel TechTalks:

  • December 4 - “The role of school and university in the formation of IT professionals: challenges and needs” session, which will discuss a wide range of issues related to the training of IT personnel in the country, as well as the role of universities in this matter, the difficulties they face and options for solving them. Speakers of the session are: Vusal Khanlarov, Head of the Bureau on ICT for Education, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Ramin Mahmudzade, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technologies and Programming, Baku State University; Elkhan S. Ibrahimov, Senior Software Engineer, Information Systems Innovation Department, Kapital Bank; Naila Allakhverdiyeva, Head of Process Automation Engineering Department, Baku Higher Oil School. Moderator of the session is Araz Yusubov, Dean of School of IT and Engineering, ADA University.
  • December 4 – “Bizimkiler“ (Ours) session, which provides a unique opportunity to see the global IT industry through the eyes of our compatriots working in large large international IT companies, also plays a motivational role, being an impetus for building a successful career in the IT field. Speakers of this session are: Vusal Dadalov, Sr. Software Engineer, Uber (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Topic: Large-scale distributed systems; Parvin Sadigova, Cyber Security Analyst, Onfido (London, United Kingdom) - Topic: The importance of cybersecurity, challenges and opportunities; Adil Aliyev, Software Development Engineer II, Amazon (Vancouver, Canada) - Topic: Artificial Intelligence using Amazon SageMaker; Gunay Kazimzade, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Weizenbaum-Institut für die vernetzte Gesellschaft (Berlin, Germany) - Topic: Artificial Intelligence: trends, opportunities and perspectives for Azerbaijan; Rovshan Musayev, CI/CD Engineer, NN (Prague, Czech Republic) - Topic: Building effective DevOps culture. Moderator of the session is Araz Yusubov, Dean of School of IT and Engineering, ADA University.
  • December 5 - “Women in ICT“ session, dedicated to the women of Azerbaijan, who have linked their lives and careers with IT and have achieved success in this industry. Speakers of this session are: Parvin Sadigova, Cyber Security Analyst, Onfido (London, United Kingdom); Ulduza Khalilova, Deputy Director of the Department for E-Government and Digital Innovation, ASAN Service; Sabina Gurbanova, Head of Products, Digital Laboratory, Pasha Bank; Natavan Akhundova, Machine Learning Engineer, ATL Tech and Nazila Hashimova, Head of Sales and Marketing Department, Bakinity Distribution. Moderator of the session is Sarkhan Hashimov, General Manager, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Elcore AG. The sponsor of Women in ICT session is Pasha Bank.

Guests of the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to become part of the discussions by asking real-time questions to the speakers. Thus, being a dynamic communication zone, Bakutel TechTalks will once again become a meeting place for the exchange of new ideas and the exchange of experience.


The exhibition never leaves without attention those who love tech games, who want to see the world of robots. This year, a real Robopark is operating in the lobby of the Baku Expo Center, organised by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where all the days of the exhibition you can get acquainted with the latest models of robots

  • The most advanced and revolutionary robot in the world, recognizing the environment and responding to people's emotions – robot Pepper (France)
  • Fish robots
  • The world-famous robot artist, created on the basis of Robot Arm Kuka and available only in 2 copies in the world (Germany)
  • Everyone's favorite robot-pianist Teotronico (Italy)
  • Tactical Military Robot Scout Spider
  • 6 meter flying astronaut

As well as various competitions of robots in sumo, wrestling, drone racings, space zone and more than 20 interactive zones that will surprise you!

For the first time, the organizers launched a mobile application of the exhibition. All app users can get the detailed information about the exhibition on your smartphone, make appointments, and also, by scanning the QR code, request and receive electronic materials from the exhibition participants by e-mail. A modern application can significantly save the most important resource - time and get information in a convenient format on your device.


The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ITU - International Telecommunication Union, Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC), the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASK), Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The exhibition is organised by Caspian Event Organisers (CEO). The partners of the exhibitions in 2019 are the official hotels Qafqaz Hotels and Resorts, Intourist Hotel and Boulevard Hotel, tour operator Greenwich Travel Club. Child Zone partner is "Bagcam" Network of Kindergartens.

Bakutel 2019 - bigger, smarter, brighter!

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