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GAP Italy - Documenting the Future



With a 65-year long experience in the military, intelligence and law enforcement fields and a value chain 100% "made-in-Italy", Cy4gate, an Elettronica Group company, provides Governments and companies with cyber intelligence and security solutions. Cyber Electronic Warfare. Disruptive software and hardware solutions. 'AGILITY, 360°, YOU: A 360° degree project that implements a unique convergence between the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), wired networks and operating systems. The 5th domain made reality.

GEM elettronica is leader in different areas of HOMELAND SECURITY through the design and manufacturing of sensors and Command & Control S/W. Advanced radar antennas series. Site survey, system integration and logistics support for innovative solutions to governmental agencies, port/airport authorities and industry forthe protection of critical infrastructures.

Coastal Surveillance, Border Security, Airport Ground Security, Security of Offshore Oil Platforms and Oil/Gas Pipelines, Anti-Intrusion Perimeter Security, Fire Prevention Systems.


A long established leader in the document and record management, particularly as to Cultural heritage digitization and management, with 25 years experience in cooperation with the main Italian and International cultural institutions, constantly improving and developing new technologies.

The Sinapsi application is the result of  intense research and work around the state of the art technologies and best practices.

The Italy-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (ITAZERCOM), with offices in Rome and Baku, is the only officially recognized organization in the bilateral economic relations, providing support and assistance to entrepreneurs and investors in both Countries, in coordination with the Italian and Azerbaijani Institutions.

DBA is an Italian group providing since 1991 high quality, professional architecture, engineering, project management and consultancy services, as well as specific software applications to manage complex scope processes during the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure.

Our main customers belong to the sectors of Telecommunication, Energy, Transportation and Real Estate.

DBA Group with its 500 employees and 42MnEuro yearly revenues, is since 2017 listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.