Bakutel - Benefits of relevant information

Benefits of relevant information



Ilgar Ibrahimov, Department Director at Bank of Baku

Visiting the Bakutel exhibition has become an annual tradition for me. My goal is to get acquainted with ICT innovations, and learn about new offers and services; it is certainly important in the banking field. In such an intense time of telecommunications development, any information becomes useful. In this regard, I consider visiting the exhibition is imperative, as it helps get acquainted with the novelties of foreign companies. It is also a good opportunity to see everything in person and discuss it with experts, which is always much better and efficient than receiving information on the Internet.

I was also impressed by the level of the organisation. In general, I believe that representatives of participating companies should not provide general information, but exhibit more of the final products as part of a practical presentation. This is what makes interested people imbued with the idea of ​​acquiring new products and services.