Bakutel - We share the experience of creating interdepartmental systems

We share the experience of creating interdepartmental systems



Dmitriy Afanasenko, Head of the Technical Infrastructure Support Department at the National Centre for Electronic Services

- The enterprise National Centre for Electronic Services was created under the auspices of the operational analytical centre under the President of the Republic of Belarus and the main tasks assigned to us by the state are the development of electronic systems, the e-government sector, development and maintenance of an interdepartmental document management system, development, implementation and operation of state e-services portal. We also include the Republican Certification Centre dealing with electronic keys and signatures, commercial areas of the electronic document management system, “electronic archive”, “virtual data centre” services (data processing centre), including the new direction - “Desktop as a service”. All state organisations of Belarus should acquire their own electronic document management systems and exchange e-mails among themselves. At the moment, about 17 thousand organisations are already connected to the electronic document management system.

At this exhibition, we want to tell about ourselves, share the experience of creating interdepartmental systems, offer services for the introduction of electronic systems in Azerbaijan. We will be happy to meet with interested representatives of both the public sector and commercial organizations.

The exhibition is perfectly organised, with pleasant working environment reigning in its halls. An indicator of interest in our stand is that on the second day we almost ran out of booklets and information flyers.