Bakutel - New service for aviators

New service for aviators



Andrei Estrov, Deputy Head of Flight Inspection, Silk Way Business Aviation

- At this exhibition we present our new service for flight review of departure and landing procedures. The bottom line is that during the construction of a new runway or any changes in the area of ​​the airport, the entire aerodrome zone is recalculated: the departure and landing procedures are defined as trajectories connecting the known coordinates at certain heights. Performing them automatically, the aircraft lands on the strip or leaves the strip and stands on the air track. After the software-aided calculation, it is also necessary to evaluate the efficiency, its applicability on a real aircraft and safety. This requires a flight inspection. We accept data in the format in which the developer's system issues, immerse them in the plane, perform a preliminary analysis, agree on the trajectories that most reflect the critical moments in these procedures, and carry out flight checks. During the flight test, all parameters are recorded, after which we provide the results to the customer in a form convenient for him, which he can import into his system.

We would be glad to see software developers for the design of procedures, analysts in the field of safety analysis, manufacturers of aviation equipment, and other professionals. The exhibition is held at a high level, includes many stands with technical innovations, a rich business programme and visits by high-level guests.