Bakutel - Increased safety for drivers and passengers

Increased safety for drivers and passengers



Pervin Mammadova, Spokeswoman at the Baku International Bus Terminal

- In the near future, as part of the bus station, a new centre for the exchange of transport will be commissioned to ensure increased safety for drivers and passengers. For this, we have prepared two projects in cooperation with SAP and CISCO.

The pilot project with CISCO aims at using digital resources to transform the operation of the complex, including the safety of its operation. And SAP represents the concept of safe transport. So, at our stand you can see a vest with in-built sensors which read out the driver’s body condition data (pulse / respiration rates, etc.) in real time and transmit them to the control room. Based on these data, we can judge how fit is the driver to launch his / her duties. We also equipped two buses with sensors - in the chassis and inside the cabin - which read information about humidity, vibration and the state of carbon dioxide in the cabin and allow us to improve the quality of transportation. And the cameras in the driver’s cabin and in front of each door record the number of passengers, which makes it possible to monitor passenger traffic in real time.

Our goal is to present innovations to potential passengers of the bus station complex. The exhibition is an ideal platform for presenting new products to the widest possible audience. The exhibition is held at a high level, we feel a great interest in our stand.