Bakutel - Project Idealizer for all startups!

Project Idealizer for all startups!



Emil Abbasov, co-founder of the project “Idealizer”

- The project Idealizer is a kind of “start up for startups”. When a person starts his business, he or she has no idea on how to approach it correctly, without having much experience and practice. My partners and I have decided to create an Internet platform, using which successful businessmen could share business projects with startups. With our help, startups could promote their idea before implementation. We can direct them in the right direction, give good recommendations. On the basis of our platform, startups can easily prepare a competent presentation, and accompany the most promising projects with video presentations.

We already have our own database, including information on over 40 thousand foreign and local investors with whom we have an agreement. To them, through our platform, we will submit the prepared projects. We are planning to turn our platform into a regional hub for the post-Soviet states, where all the most promising projects will flow.

Bakutel 2018 became the basis of our debut in a professional environment. We are interested in all visitors to the exhibition, because here you can meet potential partners who will help the development of our platform, as well as users who will be able to develop on this platform. The exhibition perfectly demonstrates the increasing interest in start-ups, since they are the best way to start and develop a business, and the economy as a whole.