Bakutel - The concept of a tactical simulator for the Air Force

The concept of a tactical simulator for the Air Force



Jalal Rahimov, representative of A-Z Tech

- We offer a complete concept tactical simulator for the air forces of any country. At the core of the idea is a mobile installation of the spatial position of the aircraft in virtual reality, which ensures the effect of complete immersion. The installation capsule rotates 360 degrees in three axes, and the program creates a three-dimensional model of the world. Up to 500 participants can be included in this virtual world at the same time, which allows the simulator to be part of a large tactical training system for all armed forces. It can be integrated into the air defense system, ground forces, the navy, etc. The system allows you to remotely monitor all processes, stop them, wind back, work out various scenarios.

By participating in this exhibition, we strive to analyze the reaction of visitors to a new product, since the project has great international potential. Compared to other simulators, it costs several times less, and does not require the need for a forum of participants in a particular location. This will save transportation costs, man-hour resources, etc.

Most of all we would like to find potential partners: representatives of companies engaged in software development in order to establish contacts to improve the product; with specialists who connect hardware with software.

The exhibition is very interesting and rich. The list of exhibitors speaks about its significance: Belarus, Turkey and other serious participants are represented here.