Bakutel - Reliable developer of IT solutions

Reliable developer of IT solutions



Shabi Bin Imam, Sales Manager, Xerrow Technologies (UAE)

Our company participates in the international Bakutel exhibition for the first time and, thanks to this event, hopes to find partners in Azerbaijan.

Xerrow Technologies works in the field of information technologies and develops software solutions for various industries and for private clients. This private company was established in 2015, but has already managed to establish itself in the world as a reliable developer of IT solutions.

Azerbaijan is actively developing, and we would like to assess our ability to establish ties in this market, find a niche for our company.

We would also like to understand how Xerrow Technologies can contribute to the intensification of technological growth in Azerbaijan.

In the framework of the international Bakutel exhibition, we have scheduled meetings B2B (negotiations at the level of companies, the public sector) and B2C (for local Startups, individuals).

We are open for cooperation and are ready to develop software solutions in accordance with customer requests.

Xerrow Technologies is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the world, its head office is based in Dubai.

The company also specializes in web design, mobile application development.