Bakutel - Bakutel exhibition is the opportunity for start-ups to present their ideas and projects

Bakutel exhibition is the opportunity for start-ups to present their ideas and projects



Ayan Kerimova,

Startup Coordinator of the High - Tech Park Azerbaijan under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan

- As a startup project coordinator from the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, please tell us about cooperation with the Bakutel exhibition organizers?

- Within the framework of cooperation with the Bakutel exhibition organizers, I wish to note a special role in representation of the exhibition through various media sources including: television, radio, Internet-based collaboration environments, social networks, daily news articles of specialised magazines and invitations. With the participation of the High-Tech Park and other organizations, various events are held annually with an intention to further develop information and communication technologies, along with the start-up ecosystem and incentive schemes to attract new start-ups and investments to the sector. At the same time, meetings with business coaches are arranged for effective participation in the exhibition.

- What benefits can startup companies get from participating in this particular exhibition? And what kind of visitors are these companies most interested in?

- This exhibition is the opportunity for start-ups to present their ideas and projects, to demonstrate achievements in the field of telecommunications and information technologies. This is a place to present services and products to experts, professionals and visitors of the exhibition, a place to exchange ideas and experiences between international and local professionals in the field of business forums, specialized events and seminars, which, within its framework, lays the foundation for new successes and provides an opportunity to participate in a professional and social events of the exhibition. Startup companies are first and foremost startup projects that need investments, are required to make new acquaintances with potential future investors, interested in their activities. Therefore, attraction of not only local, but also foreign potential investors, entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders of world-known and operating venture funds, regional accelerating and also leading IT incubation companies to the exhibition would be of the greatest interest for the previously described startup companies. In addition, the involvement of both local and foreign startup projects in an attempt to exchange experience between start-ups, will be highly productive.

- Among all the startup companies participating in the exhibition, which projects would you consider to be the most innovative and notable of interest?

- This year, 20 start-up projects operating in the Business Incubation Center of the High - Tech Park Azerbaijan are expected to participate in 23rd Bakutel exhibition & conference. Projects will be categorized into "start-up gamers" and "start-up projects".

In the game zone, 3 games are expected to create a world that is transmitted to a person through his/her senses namely sight, hearing, smell and touch. We are sure that these games will  not only be fascinating to children, but also to adults! Among them there are games such as "Yukseklik", "PazlXalcha" and others created by Omarov’s Game Studio - A young indie team engaged in VR and mobile game publishment that was able to produce 4 games within a year and reach audience of more than astonishing 3.000.000 in the global market within a short period of time.

Among the other projects we would like to emphasize on, Spinal, has been winning international competitions several times. The project consists of a device and mobile application that helps to develop a correct posture. Spinal is easy to attach to clothing, and every time the user’s posture is wrong, Spinal notifies about it through the application. Thus, helping to acquire a habit of maintaining a neutral spine position, while training the dorsal muscles.

In the medical field, such projects as the will allow you to find the right medicine in Azerbaijan's pharmacies easily, at any time..  Other important projects, such as the Mednot, HeartGuard and Healthy Living Support - consisting of an inbuilt Mobile Health Station and online Internet Portal, will allow you to measure up to 44 different health parameters in just 6 minutes and get results directly via SMS or email.

The «İRS Cizgi» picturesque project is a team working on the production of national comics, toys, animations and video games in a patriotic spirit.

Also, the Bakutel exhibition visitors will have an opportunity to see and invest in such start-up projects as: "Accounting Simulator", "MyExcelWorld", "myBakuGuide", "VeloKuryer", "Run2Help", "BuilDay", "YolGet", "ObaNatur", "Seattip", "Wand", "Smart Keyboard".

- What is your opinion on the role of a specialized exhibition in the development of telecommunications and information technologies in Azerbaijan?

- Specialized exhibitions of this kind will potentially  aid  the development of telecommunications and information technologies in Azerbaijan by helping to broadly understand and familiarize the terms: "start-up" and "e-business", Make those concepts recognizable for the entire audience, introduce new technologies to improve the life of the general population and help start-ups develop their projects. This is a place to get information about new services and products on the market. A place where you can meet the qualified and motivated potential partners and consumers in a single place.