Bakutel - Our main goal at Bakutel 2017 is to introduce the ‘QuiQcell’ brand

Our main goal at Bakutel 2017 is to introduce the ‘QuiQcell’ brand



Alpay Ozceviz,

General Manager, QuiQcell

- We are presenting at Bakutel 2017 Smallcell Solutions and Repeater Solutions by QuiQcell company. QuiQcell develops and provides two main solutions through its state of art technology products:

QuiQcell’s Small Cells effectively enhance the mobile network coverage, increase the network capacity and improve user experience.

QuiQcell’s easy to install Repeaters allow rapid deployment. The Repeaters are used in various areas, such as office buildings, basements, residential and rural areas and places that require immediate coverage improvement. QuiQcell’s cost effective Repeater solutions provide efficiency, maximized coverage and multiple operator applications with high out of band rejection to prevent interference caused by other operators or by unwanted signals.

QuiQcell’s remarkable experience in the field of telecommunication manifests itself in its quality products. Our main goal at Bakutel 2017 is to introduce the ‘QuiQcell’ brand and its distinguished products to our valued customers, who are mainly mobile operators, to create brand awareness and to establish solid business relationships.

As one of the leading and strong players in the telecom industry, QuiQcell provides matured expertise with its highly qualified teams to the prestigious partners. We believe there will be great opportunities in Azerbaijan in the upcoming years and we are excited to offer our expertise to the Azerbaijan Telecom Market. Thanks to Bakutel, visitors will have the opportunity to explore our brand new products of high technology.