Bakutel - Komtel Technologies has been providing innovative Coverage Systems

Komtel Technologies has been providing innovative Coverage Systems




Chairman of the Board, Komtel Technologies

- Since 1994, Komtel Technologies has been providing innovative Coverage Systems with integrating new generation 2G, 3G & 4G digital amplifiers, repeaters and multi-band fiber optic DAS systems and turnkey telecommunication solutions.

 With extensive experience gained from worldwide projects, Komtel Technologies offers a wide range of innovative products and services to extend and enhance network coverage in the outdoor and indoor areas of wireless communication industry. The company mainly focuses on In Building Solutions (IBS) and field maintenance services (MS).

 With innovative products, Komtel Technologies’ turnkey projects cover all stages of network deployment, from site acquisition to post warranty maintenance. Komtel Technologies’ in-building systems provide strong coverage and capacity in all types of structures, ranging from small buildings to wide covered recreational facilities.

 We have been working in the Azerbaijan Telecommunication market, with well  known operators for almost a decade. Our aim is to improve relationships with the existing and new operators and to cater for the operators’ needs with the most effective solutions. We are open to everyone in the telecommunication community who are seeking for the best turnkey coverage solutions.

Thanks to the successful projects we have completed in Azerbaijan, we know quite well where the Azerbaijan telecommunication sector stands today. We aim to be a part of this sector, which is in the visionary breakthroughs in the field of technology, by introducing our coverage and service solutions for the ever changing needs of the industry.