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The best communication services



Ruhulla Abdullayev, Supervisor at Shebeke

            Our activity is conditioned by the consolidation of services in a single space where the software meets all the criteria and modern standards and concentrates the services of the AR Ministry of Communications. Today we have concentrated modern laser printers, All-in-one PCs, self-service kiosks, currency exchange and payment offices, ATMs, fully updated subscription boxes, as well as all types of telecommunications and postal, banking and financial services. In general, you are provided with about 250 services. Part of the stand at the exhibition is the exposition of our brands. This innovation, citizens can choose and order any brand of any design. Here, visitors can test a special brand selection terminal, which in the upcoming months will appear in all the centers of our network.

            I am confident that we have completely moved away from the old system. The main task is to satisfy the needs of citizens at the expense of the best service provided by our department. Our services have become more comfortable and easier. All operations are performed using modern technology. In addition, all procedures are recorded to eliminate any future problems. This is our second participation at the Bakutel exhibition. Visitors can get acquainted with all offered services and test terminals. The exhibition is very productive; we have already held a number of meetings with other interesting companies for us. Subsequently, we will analyze the proposals received.