Bakutel - Prospects for single database

Prospects for single database



Ayhan Gadyashov, Manager at Azexport  

          The portal was created in 2016 with the main goal to form a single database of all products produced in the country. Accordingly, to highlight the products of the domestic market on the main international trading platforms for potential buyers who just need to go through free registration.  

Thanks to our new innovative technologies, we have integrated into the leading platforms where the products are automatically highlighted. For any other portal, golden membership for an entrepreneur costs 5-8 thousand US dollars. We resolved this issue and significantly reduced the costs.  

We exist as a single organization; we frequently hold meetings with entrepreneurs and discuss various issues and try to resolve problems. For example, in our country there was no structure of a certificate for free sales, without which access to certain markets is difficult. Thanks to close ties with our entrepreneurs, we were able to professionally resolve this issue.

I want to note that the exhibition is well organised and young companies can successfully position themselves on a par with regular participants who are well-known in the field of communications. We have a good opportunity to invite foreign and local companies, as well as individuals from among visitors.