Bakutel - The effectiveness of the Orchestra platform

The effectiveness of the Orchestra platform



Andrey Novokhatko, Head of Representative Office, Qmatic

The leader in the management of the electronic queue develops products based on its own design department. The main Orchestra platform allows companies to work with many offices, which increase the efficiency. We supply a complete line of products, from kiosks to displays and software programmes, including paper. The average life of our devices is up to 7 years. Thanks to our repeatedly tested devices, customers can save on their operating costs. The main part of this decision is the analysis of three levels: operational, tactical and strategic for those who understand the demand for a particular product. Thanks to these opportunities, we help to establish the business process. In turn, this impacts the client's loyalty.

We participate at this exhibition in order to inform the market of our new solutions which allow us conducting omnichannel distribution of information to use all channels via the Internet, kiosks, call-centres, by providing access to customers. This is the difference of Orchestra which is a year ahead of its competitors for this type of service. We operate in 120 countries and circa two billion transactions pass through our systems annually. In Azerbaijan, we are present in a number of the country's largest banks. We also offer a virtual office solution based on the Orchestra platform. This is saving equipment and improving the quality of service, as an excellent competitive advantage of our company at the moment.