Bakutel - Advantages of the special platform Openpaas

Advantages of the special platform Openpaas



 Gleb Zubachev, Business Developer at Linagora

Linagora is a French developer of open source software. Our company has been in the market for 17 years, and we consider ourselves the leaders of the French market. The main emphasis of our company is connected with various solutions for use in e-government systems. We have developed a special platform Openpaas which serves for interaction between various information systems used at many government agencies. This is what we are talking about today at the exhibition. We believe that this is the future of e-government. For example, if you change your address in one of the governmental information systems, then this information is automatically changed in all other systems / establishments (mail, healthcare, energy companies, etc).

 This year we met with representatives of two Azerbaijani state agencies who invited us to join this exhibition. We are here to meet with representatives of companies, including state officials and individuals. We want to meet those people has the desire to innovate their workflow, and who are interested in a dynamic development of their companies or organisations. The idea of an open source product, s that this software is not traded as a product, but as a scientific achievement. Each and every employee at our company believes in this, and our goal is to make this idea widespread.