Bakutel - Our contract is our commitment!

Our contract is our commitment!



Aleksey Gorbachev, CIS Sales Manager at Evernex

            Our company is based in France. However, we work with the CIS countries through our office in Dubai. Evernex is an independent supplier of multi-vendor IT equipment such as servers, storage systems and network equipment, as well as a provider of services related to equipment, in particular, technical support. We offer an unlimited zip organization and full turnkey support, depending on the requirements and needs of customers. By providing the whole range of services, we closely cooperate with the customer and guarantee the quality and organisation of our delivery.

            From concluding contracts, fixing the prices, agreeing the terms and SLA through to the execution of all documents in line with local laws, we supply our customers with an unlimited number of spare parts, depending on their need and the nature of failure, within the framework of this agreement. Our contract is our commitment! Today at the Bakutel exhibition I had a good opportunity to get acquainted with new local companies. Despite 30 years of experience in IT services worldwide, including our five-year presence in Azerbaijan, we are interested in new connections and integrators. We always keep pace with the times, constantly renewing all necessary certificates, offering the best prices and services, testing all our goods. Thus, we can withstand any competition in the market!