Bakutel - Apple products under the Almastore trade mark

Apple products under the Almastore trade mark



Ilaha Aliyeva, Marketing Director at ASBC Almastore LLC

This year ASBC LLC is debuting at the Bakutel exhibition. We present Apple products under the Almastore trade name; these are iphone 10, iphone 8 and the entire range of new Mac products which are favoured by all. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to test Apple pencil and draw any images on the iPad, while getting acquainted with other interesting programs. A prominent place at our stand is occupied by special boards which are offered for private schools with a special coating to replace standard boards in classes. Note that we constantly conduct trainings in schools and introduce our latest products.

ASBC is the first and only partner of Apple in Azerbaijan and the owner of a chain of stores with the status of Apple Premium Reseller. At the same time, there is also an official service centre. Our shops are different from other stores; you can approach any exhibit, get personally acquainted with the innovations, visit the showrooms to test the products and get answers to all the questions you are interested in and, of course, undergo any training. Together with the purchase of a particular product, the buyers receive international insurance. With any detected manufacturing defect, we replace the product. We are very enthusiastic to participate in the exhibition, with pleasure we will show everything interesting to our visitors and we expect to establish new ties with other companies.