Bakutel - Bakutel 2017 helps to study the local market

Bakutel 2017 helps to study the local market



Denis Gorshkov, General Director at Amedia

Since the date of its foundation, our company has, within six years, become the leader of premium paid TV and Internet subscriptions. Amedia Holding is a large media company. It combines an online service and four paid TV channels. Along with our own production, we also have our own film-making studio with 16 pavilions. We are marketing the best film series and have world’s best content on our platform.

            We have concluded exclusive deals with American and European manufacturers and Russian studios. All first performances run simultaneously with the world release. Our application is available on SmarTv, App Store, Google Play and for mobile devices. We are also actively dealing with the prefixes of the cable TV operators; we have recently started to work with Azercell and KaTv in Azerbaijan.

            We have decided to join Bakutel 2017 to monitor the peculiarities of local market and get acquainted with local operators. This will give us the opportunity to find more appropriate ways for the development of the project. We have already met with representatives of one of the local TV channels. Perhaps, we will make voiceovers in the Azerbaijani language in order to expand our audience. Our main task is to gradually force out bootlegging by ensuring a legal demonstration of films, which we once did in Russia. We hope that this is a matter of time, consolidated efforts of players and regulation of legislation. Then, within two or three years, we will be able to come up with impressive results.