Bakutel - Remote Power Management Modules

Remote Power Management Modules



Evgeniy Laptev, System Architect at RCNTEC

- Our company produces innovative products in the field of information technology, such as distributed storage systems, products for information security, etc. At this exhibition, we offer our new product which is a remote power management module. There are three models of this device that withstand electrical loading in 16, 32 and 63 amperes, respectively. They allow you to remotely control the power of ten connected to each module of consumers and provide fire protection, short circuit protection and the ability to turn off consumers without visiting the facility.

You can use these modules in industrial sites and private homes. You also can  manage the module via GSM messaging, if there is no Internet; through the cable network. This device has no analogues, and we are aimed at the world market. By repeatedly visiting Baku, we noted a great interest in our products, both from companies and individuals. Investigating the market demand, we came to the exhibition to give full information about our product and demonstrate its functionality. At the exhibition there are a lot of companies with profile customers, where different equipment should work smoothly both during the day and at night. This is where we can help to competently and reliably solve the problem.