Bakutel - The highest level of accessibility of our Data Centre

The highest level of accessibility of our Data Centre



 Ruslan Aliyev, Commercial Director at Azintelecom

- Our telecommunications company provides traffic exchange between Azerbaijan and other countries through IMS. We are the only company to have TİERIII Data Center certified by the American company Uptime Institute both in Azerbaijan and in the South Caucasus region. On the basis of this centre we provide infrastructure solutions; provision of virtual servers, virtual network storage, as well as the deployment of client equipment. The center implies a level of accessibility of 99.982%, this is the highest indicator in the territory of Azerbaijan.

Among our future projects is the launch of a backup data centre in Yevlakh, which will provide geographic reservation services to those who want to store their data at a certain distance. Our goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive solution; it's convenient and beneficial that they can get not only virtual equipment for rent, but also cloud software. Today it is important to know where and how your data is stored. Therefore, certain standards are necessary; we were audited by a number of foreign experts and awarded ISO 20000, ISO 27001 certificates for information security. Therefore, you can fully trust us, which will minimize your risks. The exhibition allows us to inform the audience and showcase our products, as well as to talk about the future plans. Compared with the last year’s event, we have built a more functional stand, in which we generously provide all information and commercial offers.