Bakutel - Factory X the participant of Bakutel 2017

Factory X the participant of Bakutel 2017



New product of Factory X company

DomIS – Cloud-based nursing home management and healthcare software. DomIS includes resident management, healthcare solutions and reception management. The main software modules allow adequate tracking of user records, easier creation of statistical data, and ensure that all data are documented and protected.

Modul Admission Service – Basic modul of DomIS software that is primarily used to keep records of home users (List of Requests, Waiting list, Register Book of all users).

Modul Social Work -  Module intended for social workers to plan, perform and record their work with home users.

Modul Infirmary - Module that provides complete health care records for home users.

Modul Reception - Module that records absence of home users.

Modul Administration - Modul is used to enter the basic application settings, input of employees using the application, their usernames, passwords and rights assigned to them.

Modul Print - Module that allows you to print required forms and reports.

Nurse Application – Modul intended for nurses and carers. It is used on tablet devices, which enables information to be entered immediately upon their creation.