Bakutel - Innovation in the service of technological advance

Innovation in the service of technological advance



Elchin Rzayev, Head of the Internet Service Department of Khatai Call Centre at Baktelecom

 - As a longstanding participant of the Bakutel exhibition, our organization annually presents its products and services to many visitors. Innovations in the service of technological advance have become a sign of the times at Baktelecom. During the exhibition days our stand has become an information centre for advertising GPON technology. This is a modern communications model of the fiber optic services for businesses and individuals under the most favorable conditions in Baku.

Optical fiber is now considered the most promising medium for transmission of large data flows over long distances. Fiber optic Internet uses light pulses to create electromagnetic wave carriers which can be used to transfer data at very high speeds. Advantages of fiber-optic Internet speak for itself: a very high data transfer rate; almost no signal delay; the ability to connect video surveillance; IP-telephony; interactive television; possibility of laying fiber optic cable over long distances; free technical support, etc.

In the long term development of our company there is a plan to develop turnkey designs of Smart Home systems. This exhibition will certainly bring great benefits both for organizers and participants, as well as for many professional visitors of this major event. We have already held successful meetings and talks with colleagues and potential clients.