Bakutel - A wide range of antennas

A wide range of antennas



Lin Aiping, Sales Manager at BBT Antennas Inc.

- BBT Antennas is known as one of the professional and reliable antenna manufacturers in China. At Bakutel, we present a wide range of our products - telecommunication antennas for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G, LTE, VHF / UHF, GPS, etc., which can be used in base stations and for wireless fields.

We are interested in meeting with manufacturers and telecommunication equipment integrators. We want to discover the Azerbaijani market and strive to present our products, by building relationships with local companies in order to acquire new customers. In addition, we are convinced that international Bakutel exhibition will allow us to hold meetings with representatives of other countries in the region, which fall within the scope of our interests.

The exhibition seems to us an important platform for international business contacts and close cooperation with foreign organizations, partnerships and friendships.