Bakutel - Fifty varieties of fiber optic cable

Fifty varieties of fiber optic cable



Rustam Allahverdiyev, Spokesman for STP

- Sumgait Technology Park (STP) is a pioneer of creating industrial parks in the region. It is a unique complex which includes 17 factories and more than 25 production sites, where the latest technological advances occur with innovative solutions.

At the Bakutel exhibition, we present a number of innovations. At the end of last year STP started production of optical cable for the first time in the South Caucasus. If last year we demonstrated three types of fiber optic cable, this year the visitors of the exhibition are presented fifty kinds of cables - optical, signaling, telecommunications, refractory etc. In addition, we offer cabinets and boxes for system rooms. And finally, for the first time present at our booth various terminals and information kiosks, e-line systems and terminals for the issuance of electronic declarations, made by the order of the Customs Committee, etc.

We invite you to STP’s stand to get more information about our products. We are interested in getting acquainted with new partners, users of optical cables, electronic terminals and other of our products. On the first day of work Bakutel allowed us to meet and establish contacts with organizations of interest to us. We intend to maintain the momentum throughout the remaining days this international forum.