Bakutel - The first contract on the first day of the exhibition!

The first contract on the first day of the exhibition!



Sabina Mammadli, Director General (CEO) of the Azertelecom Company

– Azertelecom LLC Company is a telecommunication operator and it implements its activity through the provision of international fixed telephony, Internet, as well as data transmission and voice communication. We cooperate with several international telecom operators, primarily in the neighboring countries – Russia, Georgia, Turkey, and Iran. The company plans to develop our network and to establish partnership relations with other countries as well.

What has the first day of the exhibition showed? In Azerbaijan, there is great interest in alternative sources of Internet. The representatives of the public and the private sector approach our stand with the purpose to explore the possibility of provision of just this kind of services. I can say that on the first day of the exhibition, we have already signed a contract for these services.

In addition, we are also ready to provide to companies the additional services related to the use of our DATA centre. The issue of cyber security is also one of the most important issues for Azerbaijan nowadays. Today, many financial institutions, banks, state organizations are interested in working with us because we can offer terms, the implementation of which on their own would be very costly, in particular, considering the necessity of purchasing expensive equipment and maintaining additional technical staff.