Bakutel - Familiarity with the system of Square by Vivaction

Familiarity with the system of Square by Vivaction



Aysel Gadenne, External Relations & Key Account Manager

Founded in 1995, the Vivaction Company is a French licensed operator and it provides a full range of innovative communication services for enterprises. While implementing innovations, presenting its own packages of services and meeting the expectations of customers, the Vivaction Company offers products, functionality and service quality, which meet the highest international standards.

The main service that we present at the exhibition, is the system of Square by Vivaction which allows to fully encrypt all phone calls, correspondence, and to implement the protection of data. As you know, the access to corporate databases via smartphone, tablet or laptop enhances the professional risks. The Square system allows to avoid problems with data leaks. That is why our participation in the exhibition is associated with the search of state agencies, law enforcement agencies, the diplomatic corps, and major telecom operators interested in information security.

Also, we introduce the roaming system that allows to send and receive calls, and to gain access to the Internet in more than 160 countries. The cost of this service is 70% lower than that of other global counterparts.

Representatives of the Vivaction Company previously visited Baku by the invitation of the Ministry of communications and high technologies. The participation in the exhibition is a continuation of the policy of expanding cooperation with Azerbaijan.