Bakutel - The benefits and advantages of Micos

The benefits and advantages of Micos



Vančura František, International Sales Manager at Micos

- The Czech company Micos has been supplying computer and telecommunications equipment for more than 25 years. Our software services are presented in four major areas such as Telcom, Office System, ITS, Danet.

On the Bakutel 2016 exhibition we present a plastic and metal boxes and cabinets for copper and fibre-optic cable that is used to access the Internet. Our products are exported to 51 countries around the world. Micos’s advantage is that we are ready to quickly and flexibly adapt its standard products to customer requirements.

The first experience of our participation in this exhibition is connected with the study of the market situation and the search for partners among local operators and ISPs. We know that Azerbaijan is one of the advanced countries of the former Soviet Union on the use of the Internet, and that is why Azerbaijan has become a priority market for us.

In anticipation of the exhibition we had a number of interesting meetings and negotiations to promote our products. All these meetings were arranged in advance, and our potential partners were invited to visit the Micos’s stand at the exhibition.