Bakutel - We have established good business relationships with Azerbaijan!

We have established good business relationships with Azerbaijan!



Sergey Gupalov, Head of Department for Work with Partners at Telecommunication

- Telecommunications is a leading Russian engineering company with 20 years of experience in the implementation of telecommunication projects of varying complexity and capacity-IT infrastructures of modern businesses and organizations.

Main areas of our activity include system integration in the field of telecommunications, information technology, automation, construction, energy, etc. This also involves network and low-power solutions, security systems, CCTV, fire, and much more.

At this exhibition in Baku, we are showcasing our stand-alone direction - FLAT SoftSwitch IP-telephony software development which is a software-hardware complex designed for building integrated communications carrier networks and corporate level. In addition, it presents the system of records, billing, reporting, the SMS-informing, fax server.

In the exhibition we are participating for the first time, but with Azerbaijan, we have established good business relationship. We work closely with local businesses and hope to expand the market for our product with their help and through this exhibition.