Bakutel - The high potential of local innovations

The high potential of local innovations



Ruslan Novruzov, Manager at R.I.S.K

- At the BakuTel 2016 exhibition, R.I.S.K. is showcasing innovative solutions based on its own development and partner solutions from the world's leading IT-vendors. The main focus of the exhibition is expressed in local innovative solutions with high export potential, which has already been recognized worldwide. In particular, our stand presents the well-known complex of the PANDA software applications, providing efficient and safe air navigation in more than twenty countries around the world.

At this event, the visitors are actively familiarizing themselves with WandaFi innovative solution that turns Wi-Fi into a powerful tool for analyzing the preferences and interacting with consumers. The package solutions in the field of IT-Expertise were already implemented in a number of major infrastructure projects in the region. Together with its partners, R.I.S.K. is a line of solutions for secure and high load Wi-Fi-networks and the latest products aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of data transmission networks.

Visitors to the stand of R.I.S.K. are provided with an excellent opportunity to test these solutions and learn the practical test results. They also can get an expert advice and consultation from our company technicians.